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Life After the PhD

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A list of helpful career resources for MA students, PhD students, postdocs, and others considering leaving academia and making the transition to a non-academic career from Life After the PhD blog:




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PhD completed!

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The illustrated guide to a Ph.D.


Professor Matthew Might from Utah University has created this illustration and I think if you are considering getting an online Ph.D. you should check it out.

Imagine a circle that contains all of human knowledge:

By the time you finish elementary school, you know a little:

By the time you finish high school, you know a bit more:

With a bachelor’s degree, you gain a specialty:

A master’s degree deepens that specialty:

Reading research papers takes you to the edge of human knowledge:

Once you’re at the boundary, you focus:

You push at the boundary for a few years:

Until one day, the boundary gives way:

And, that dent you’ve made is called a Ph.D.:

Of course, the world looks different to you now:

So, don’t forget the bigger picture:

Keep pushing.


google sites used for PhD studies

information visualization theory and taxonomic framework




Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs


Herzberg’s Theory of Motivation

  Motivator Factors  
  1. Achievement
  1. Recognition
  1. Work Itself
  1. Responsibility
  1. Promotion

  Hygiene Factors  
  1. Pay and Benefits
  1. Company Policy and Administration
  1. Relationships with co-workers
  1. Physical Environment
  1. Supervision
  1. Status
  1. Job Security