9 + 4 Questions to Answer in Response to a Scope Change:

PM Network Magazine, (July 2007): 

1.      What is the benefit?

2.      Is it compatible with the rest of the project?

3.      Is it specific and clear?

4.      Are the influencers in favor of this?

5.      Is it possible to test the effect before implementing?

6.      Are there (human) resources available to do the work?

7.      Is there additional Software or Hardware needed?

8.      Is the change reversible?

9.      What are the short and long term benefits?

Seth, (July 2007):

1.      Does this affect the budget or time to finish the project?

2.      Who is the requestor?

3.      Who has the authority to approve the change?

4.      What is the communication plan?


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