Fascinated about visualization models and tools (Gallery 1)


DocuBurst by Christopher Collins

Uncertainty Lattices by Christopher Collins

sense.us by Heer, Viégas, and Wattenberg

StudiAnalyse by Christoph Gerstle and Florian Moritz

Enron Explorer by Trampoline Systems

Social Action by Adam Perer

Nearword by Gregory Vaughan

34all by Martin Dudek

Zone Manager by Martin Dudek

timeVis by Can Altineller

Small-World Networks by Stephen Frowe Ingram

NameVoyager by Martin Wattenberg, rebuilt by Jeffrey Heer

¢ongress by Jeffrey Heer

zipdecode by Ben Fry, rebuilt by Jeffrey Heer

TreeMap Demo by Jeffrey Heer

RadialGraphView Demo by Jeffrey Heer

TreeView Demo by Jeffrey Heer

GraphView Demo by Jeffrey Heer

FisheyeMenu Demo by Jeffrey Heer

DataMountain Demo by Jeffrey Heer

Vizster by Jeffrey Heer and danah boyd

Flow Map Layout by Doantam

 PDF archive: vis.pdf


One response to “Fascinated about visualization models and tools (Gallery 1)

  1. Hi!
    I was wondering if there is a copy on the internet of the prefuse uncertainty lattices lib, since that would be really useful for me. Prefuse has lot of good graph designers but that one that can put into evidence the strongness of correlations between two or more nodes.

    Do you have an idea of where to find that code or lib? Thank you so much and congratulation for the site, quite interesting 🙂
    Wayl, italy


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