Vizthink conference (Jan 27-29, 2008)


 Our goal at VizThink is to bring together a broad cross section of the visual thinking community. We’re bringing content from each of the visual arts disciplines together to create a unique mix of content. Here’s just a small sampling of some of the topics you’ll find at VizThink ’08:

  • Moving beyond bullet points…using storytelling for presentations
  • Aligning individuals using visualization
  • Visualization in 3D? When does it matter
  • Facilitation using photographs
  • Designing compelling and effective information graphics
  • Virtual worlds: future or fad
  • Creating a global visual language
  • Organizing your world with visuals
  • Using visuals for powerful presentations
  • Storytelling through comics and graphic novels
  • Visual techniques for analyzing data
  • Visualization principles for software design
  • Facilitation through live sketching
  • Can there be a true language with grammar and structure that uses visuals?
  • Visualization as a brainstorming tool

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