Ph.D. Folders…

I started keeping a folder for those that I ran across and found it interesting for a variety of reasons. I renamed the files for easy reference and have the following rather small database:

  • 80 pg Servant-Leader Dissertation (Walden)
  • 149 pg Enterprise Database Management Dissertation (Miami)
  • 161 pg Project Management Dissertation (Walden)
  • 191 pg Generation X Dissertation (UOP)
  • 217 pg Intercultural Leadership Dissertation (UOP)
  • 435 pg Integrated Project Planning and Control Dissertation (Colorado)

In the names I attempt to capture some important metadata including the length, the topic and the school.

It is important to note that length is not a factor in success as some of the better papers are the shorter ones.

Other folders I keep organized for the PhD include:

  • Capella Advisor
  • Capella Mentors and Staff Bios
  • Chicago – PhD Presentations and Handouts
  • Comp Exams (and related)
  • Dissertation Collection (and related)
  • Future Paper Ideas
  • Library & Research
  • Motivation
  • Registration, Class Lists and Finance
  • Theories (Cross-Study)
  • Tools and Books (to buy, sell, etc)
  • Visualization
  • Writing

Under the folder Theories (Cross-Study), for example I have:

  • Hypothesis Testing
  • Maslow’s hierarchy of needs
  • Mixed Method
  • Org. Theory
  • Positivism
  • Qualitative (Research Types, etc)
  • Research Design and Cases (From Cooper & Schindler)
  • Sampling

While this is just a start, I hope this encourages others to organize their academic life. On student I meet at my last colloquia gathered over 150 citations in preparation for his Comps, which of course he passed just the other day.



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