Many people have asked me what a PhD residency is like in my field (IT) and school (Capella). First, Capella University doctoral learners are required to complete three in-person residencies otherwise know as Colloquia in addition to their courses.

Residencies allows one to interact with fellow learners and faculty in person, as well as gather important information to help you through your program. Each Colloquia lasts for 1 full week and is presented in a structured, lecture-style format covering areas such as:

  • Developing the Scholar-Practitioner
  • Critical Analysis Skills
  • Research Skills
  • Professional Communication Skills
  • Development of Learning Communities
  • Program Specific Content

Each learner can select the tracks they are most interested in and their is no grading involved. It is advised  you bring copies of a summary of yourself to share with faculty: your contact information, your profession, which program/specialization you are in, the courses you have taken, the dissertation topic and research methodology you are interested in using, and other relevant information about yourself that you wish to share with a potential faculty tutor, committee member, and/or mentor.



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