Interactive Visualization Toolkits

As digital information becomes increasingly cheap and  ubiquitous, how will we keep abreast with the rising tide of data? Our research group investigates the perceptual,  cognitive, and social factors involved in making sense of  large data collections, and develops novel interactive  systems for visual analysis and communication.
latest + greatest

Our work on social data analysis was featured in the January 2009 issue of Communications of the ACM.

O’Reilly’s Beautiful Data contains 39 vignettes of data in action, including our work on social analysis of census data. Proceeds go to the Sunlight Foundation and Creative Commons.
selected projects

Collaborative Visualization

Social data analysis using interactive visualizations on the web.

Multi-Scale Banking to 45°

Perceptual optimization of the aspect
ratios of data graphics.

Papers: InfoVis’06

Animation in Data Graphics

Using animation to improve perception
of transitions in data graphics.

Vizster: Visualizing Social Networks

Visual exploration of networks such as Friendster, Facebook, and MySpace.


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