19 Stunning Interview Questions

  1. What you have done? Then walk me through what you done with your career.
  2. Tell me what you think this job is all about?
  3. Do you want to work at this company or do you just want a job?
  4. Why do you want to work here and what do you love?
  5. What are you passionate about?
  6. What you have done that really proud of and tell me about it?
  7. Can you describe a decision you made, or a situation you were involved in, that was a failure? How you dealt with it?
  8. If you have to name something, what would you say it the biggest misconception that people have of you?
  9. If I had four of your direct reports sitting in a room, how would they describe you?
  10. If I had four of your late bosses in the room, how would they describe you?
  11. What makes you really mad?
  12. Can you tell me somebody’s intelligence just by reading what they have written?
  13. On your deathbed, what do you want to be remembered?
  14. Wherever you worked before, what made it a good day?
  15. What is your attitude on a one-to-ten scale?
  16. Give me an instance where you really believed in something and you were able to change the course and it was successful, whatever it was?
  17. Tell me the few books that you read in the last two years?
  18. Who are the best people you recruited and developed and where are they today?
  19. If you could be in my shoes today, what would be the top three things you would do?

Source: http://www.way2pm.com/blog/?p=1376


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