Review 2.0


The annual performance review will live on. But managers and employees now have a slew of new tools to chart and reward workers progress.

Virtual Rewards

The adult equivalent of scout merit badges. Managers can create awards such as “most deals closed” or “products shipped”, posting them to the employees profile.

Real Awards

The old bonus is being reimagined. Salesforce, for instance, partners with to reward high perfomring employees with gift cards.

Year-Round Goals

Instead of scrambling to come up with goals at the end of the year, workers can create them with their teams on a rolling basis as projects dictate.

Quicker Feedback

Instead of logging in to cumbersome HR software, users give and receive feedback inside the applications they use every day, like posting a comment on a website.

Status Updates 

Think Facebook’s status updates. But instead of posting daily musings, or funny photos, employees can request feedback from their managers and peers.

Source: Fortune Magazine


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